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Assess posture and dynamic movements with 2D imaging and measure joint range of motion. The second portion of the assessment evaluates functional movement with seven movement patterns.


Following the comprehensive assessment, results will be analyzed to interpret movement limitations, the risk for injury, and movement patterns needing improvement.  Client will receive a PDF copy of their movement report.


Your individualized program will consist of Hypervolt massage, a flexibility and mobility routine, followed by muscle activation exercises.  The combination of these services will provide relaxation of tight muscles and activation or strengthening of weak muscles in order to create a body in balance.

Our Services

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Movement Analysis and Consultation


*Required for all new clients

Total Body Restore

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Unlock your whole body to move better and move often

25 Minute Express

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Unlock an area of your body to move better 

Personal Training

Intense Training

Unlock the Bodies Full Potential

Warm Up and Recovery Zone


Rest and Relax

Corporate Wellness Program


A healthy employee is a happy employee

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