Our Process



Assessment of static posture and dynamic movement using 3D imaging and range of motion manipulation.


Following the comprehensive assessment, results will be analyzed to interpret soft tissue limitations, the risk for injury, and movement patterns needing improvement.


Using data collected from the assessment, a highly-trained and certified practitioner will determine a movement  program specific to you using vibration therapy, neuromuscular facilitation, and corrective exercises to re-educate movement patterns.  The combination of these services will provide relaxation of overactive muscles and activation of underactive muscles in order to create a body in balance to support a body in motion.

Our Services


Movement Consultation 1 Hour $69


*Required for all new clients

All Restore Movement services start with a movement consultation. By utilizing a variety of tools and techniques, our practitioners will conduct a multipoint assessment where they will observe static posture and functional movements, and conduct range of motion testing. Information from the assessment will then be analyzed resulting in an individualized risk and needs profile for you and your body. Following the assessment process, a modified STAR program will be initiated to correct movement limitations or to alleviate aches and pains.

STAR  Program 45 Minutes $85

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Stimulate, Activate, Re-educate

Our STAR program focuses on stimulating overactive muscles to release tension and tightness, activating underactive muscles to make them stronger, and re-educating the body as a whole in order to correct posture and movement limitation. After identifying your individual muscle imbalances during the movement consultation, weekly programs will be created and administered by our certified movement coaches.

 Fast Track Mobility 25 Minutes $45

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Improve Mobility and Flexibility

Shortened STAR session for those with limited time, looking for a warmup before a game or practice, or after a workout or activity to speed up recovery.

Personal Training  45 Minutes $75

Intense Training

Unlock the Bodies Full Potential

Looking for a more personalized approach to your workouts? Restore Movement has you covered! After a movement consultation, we will design an exercise program around your individualized needs in conjunction with your personal goals to create a well-rounded workout each visit.  While personal training itself will accomplish goals, we recommend pairing personal training with our STAR program for optimal results.

Recovery Zone  20 minutes $20


Rest and Relax

The Normatec recovery boots will stimulate your legs with compression. This will increase circulation and supply nutrients for recovery, all while you sit back and relax.  Recovery can be tricky to master and most times active recovery is overdone or done incorrectly.  The recovery zone will take all the guess work out, so you can get back to sport or activity quicker and safer.

Corporate Wellness Program


A healthy employee is a happy employee

Help your staff relax, de-stress, and mentally recharge.  A practitioner will come to your office and provide either chair massage, mini STAR sessions, group mobility sessions, or lower body recovery using the Normatec compression boots. Session can range from 10 minutes to 45 minutes, depending on which service you chose and how many employees will be participating. Pricing will vary depending on service and number on employees participating.  Call to schedule your service and get a price quote.