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Restore Movement is a health and wellness clinic specializing in customized movement programs. Our systematic and integrative approach to movement delivers efficient and effective services focused on decreasing injury, optimizing movement, and enhancing recovery. 
Founded by a female Navy veteran, Restore Movement was developed with the intention of helping all walks of life unlock their body’s full potential. Our practitioners utilize science and research to correct the root cause of a problem area, and identify the risk of injury in order for people to move more efficiently. Unlike traditional methods that only address the symptoms in an effort to achieve a desired goal, our practitioners are highly skilled and trained to identify biomechanical inefficiencies and correct them.


Meet Jennifer Noll

Owner, Senior Practitioner


Jennifer (Jenni)  holds her Master of Science degree in Exercise Science and Health Promotion with an emphasis in Rehabilitation Science, as well as a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics and Business Administration. Prior to opening RM, Jenni has experience managing sports medicine clinics, instructing adult education classes in the fields of personal training and exercise science, treating patients using corrective movements at a chiropractic clinic, and personal training. In her free time, Jenni enjoys running long distances, learning to play golf, and attending Philadelphia sporting events. Go Phillies!


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